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Chaos / Re: Last Person to Speak Wins! 第四部曲
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Today at 09:58:39 AM »
I've nothing RE2 will run on, but I think I remember the original fondly enough.

I've been going over films year by year on wikipedia, and I'm pretty sure somebody has a bias, a lot of films I remember watching are nowhere on the lists, but it's a good enough general index, and then I can go from there.

I've watched some supremely shitty movies based on this list, but my mind was blown when I realized Breaking Bad was a ripoff of a 2000 Pot themed Craig Ferguson film called saving grace:

I mean yeah, breaking bad branched quite a bit from that material, but it goes to show there's nothing new under the sun.

Another disturbing note is the magical autistic child. I can't say how far back it's gone, but it's a supremely annoying trope!

Thankfully, most of these films are rightfully lambasted, but apparrently the trope is alive and well, the recent Predator film hinged on a magical autist child. And that's supremely bless'ed offensive.
TV / Movies / Re: Latest Movie You Watched
« Last post by 6pairsofshoes on February 13, 2019, 01:26:41 AM »
Vice.  A light n laffy overview of the rise and train wreck that was the public life of richard Cheney.  Really.  Does 9/11, the specious wars that ensued, and the printing of facts about the 600000 Iraqi civilians sacrificed on the altar of American arrogance compensate for the casting of Steve Carell as Don Rumsfeld?  Henry Kissinger gets reduced to a stick figure, as do other key figures:  Paul Wolfowitz, Mary Matlin, Karen Hughes, sort of stand around, doing little other than supplying lookalikes to their historical counterparts.  The production might have saved money by substituting some cardboard stand ups.  Other key figures, are similarly reduced to mere sketches:  Condoleza Rice is distinguished only by her black skin and constant fretting over Cheney's regular power grabs.  This sad -- tragic, really-- chapter in our history certainly deserves a film with greater gravitas.

It was entertaining, but not in a good way, and it didn't give the story the serious nuances that it deserved.  In short:  Cheney bad.  Iraq War: Bad.  George W Bush: a laughable ex drunk who served as Cheney's puppet.  That characterization does no credit to either Bush or to Cheney.  Surely the writers could have managed better.

Christian Bale did a creditable job in his role, as did Amy Adams in hers, given the poor material they had to work with.  The makeup was fantastic.  Otherwise, I'd advise you to pick up a serious history book instead of waste 2 hours of your life on this one.
Chaos / Re: Last Person to Speak Wins! 第四部曲
« Last post by Beatrix on February 12, 2019, 01:28:35 PM »
So we've known you since you weren't much older than your kids are now - strange to think.

Happy Day.
I agree, although I was little over 20 when you met me, but yes, from here, today, I feel I was closer to my children's age when I was 20.  I have an 18 year old friend I have taken to looking after, she reminds me of my daughter, because she is closer in age to her than to me.  But to be honest, I've never felt younger than I did on the 7th of this month.  Guaranteed I won't be Cool Hand Luke'd into feeling the drudge that some unfortunate people my age suffer from this place, but I do see it.  More and more I wish I would have just studied psychology, to have a set field.  I'm good at that.

Six, thank you.  There isn't a day that goes by that something you've shown me hasn't helped.  I just plum love you.
You too christ.

8ully, I had some real fun playing STO with you.  I thought that was some of the best quality friends time two people can get when living in separate places.  I have a lovely best friend from the Netherlands, we've known eachother for almost 8 to 9 years, thanks to online gaming.  So, needless to say, I dont forget hanging with you either.  Maybe I will ask her to come to the fora.  I think she'd be lovely here. 
aelthric, I plain love you too.  Still remembered everything I learned from our conversations whilst I was in college years ago.  You are an amazingly strong willed man.

Hey 8ully, you know i seriously got kiddish laughter and enjoyment from that ren and stimpy birthday video.  Perfect. 

And now, my message is almost completed, I am going to watch the video six posted now, for my lady of a kiddo, and I'll find something to do here at work, at the liquor store all eve.  Inhave my guitar and my book.  Plus there is jepardy at night <3.

Oh wow, that video was on point Six.  Just a couple more years, and that's in her future.

Also, apparently I am a britskin;)
Grandma got her DNA checked, shes half British, quarter Celtic, quarter German, smidge of Cherokee and Scottish.

8ully, I'm watching one of my friend live stream his resident evil 2 playing, I get my fixes, and I desperately miss face shooting in first person games.
Your run on your avatar mmo characters sounds like my stories about my lotro characters, I have entire timelines and histories on all the characters I created. 
TV / Movies / Re: Latest Movie You Watched
« Last post by Beatrix on February 12, 2019, 01:02:19 PM »
Right, and I had heard that about the new Robin Hood.  Good to know, I would have end up turning it off the other night.

I showed my mom and her boyfriend the Hateful Eight the other night. They enjoyed it. 

As much as people went on about bird box after I watched it, I just didn't look, ha ;)
To be honest, I really enjoyed the movie, it had a relaxing tempo and every now and again that's all it takes for me. Plus I had just come out of watching the haunting of hill house, needed a thriller fix.
Not sure if I mentioned I liked guardians of the galaxy and the second one, really had a great time watching them. 
Keep it up 8ully, you choose some fine films, I havent seen many of the ones you wrote about.  Mainly because my movie watching, it is now limited to Netflix and hulu.
Food and Drink / Hungry Man Hand Fulls.
« Last post by 8ullfrog on February 08, 2019, 03:14:54 AM »
It's much larger than a hot pocket. But it's a hot pocket. 9 oz. before cooking.

Like most generic runs on the hot pocket, this is nothing to really write home about. It's a bigger pocket, so you get more cheese mouth feel than with the name brand, but with the calorie count, it's super not worth it.

I miss the Albertson's knockoff pockets from the 90's. They had a bbq one to die for, and the chicken one didn't taste like leftovers.

I went with the Packed Pepperoni Pizza, and it wasn't bad. I can't really say it was good either. It seems 7-11 grade microwave fare.

Some of the innards burnt to the crust, which was about the consistency of cement, one of the few GOOD things I can say about Hot Pockets is that this does not happen. Of course, with that brand, you suffer burst outs, and have to put up with the asinine crisping sleeve, unless you chuck it in the garbage to show it who is boss.

This was 720 calories, 350 of them fat. I'm not disappointed, but I'm also not remotely impressed. I'd say skip this one.

I didn't notice the tomato sauce, at all.
Food and Drink / Stouffer's 4 cheese and bacon mac and cheese shells.
« Last post by 8ullfrog on February 08, 2019, 03:08:51 AM »
Damn this was tasty, but runs into the same problem as all the other frozen meals these days, the portions are insufficient. I actually ate this a few days ago, but figured it was worth a review.

Here is someone else's:

Not bad, that reviewer's got chops. They mention the Mozerella a bit much, I'd say the dominant cheese here is the Gouda, and it's FANTASTIC.

So this has a brazillion calories, but still says you should pair it with a salad.

Really, what the golly are frozen meals trying to pull? If I wanted to make a production dinner, why the HELL would I be in the frozen section. I wouldn't, because that's stupid.

As a side dish, this would be sublime. Maybe pair it with a well seasoned steak, or a lemon soaked chicken breast. Either way, it's not gonna make your night, but it might put a smile on your face.
TV / Movies / Things you like about movies that have nothing to do with the plot.
« Last post by 8ullfrog on February 08, 2019, 01:54:30 AM »
I like when stores show up, shows you where things were at when movies were made. Mainly any domestic stuff is cool, but I was shocked at how shitty cars really were in film. Cash 4 clunkers really did the world a service.

Kitchens are another fun one. I watched some of buffy season 1 on facebook for freeees, and that kitchen looks god damned ancient. Like stuff in movies from '86 looked better. Joyce was slackin', considering how low property taxes were in Sunnydale. It was essentially "Still have a pulse? No property taxes until high school graduation '99. Why? don't ask." And no one ever did.

The last scummy house I lived at, we couldn't get a replacement shower door handle, and the home depot shitbird actually mocked us. He asked "What do you think this is, Chula Vista?" We scowled at him and moved on.

I don't know when the part originated, but it featured in the very shitty Witchboard (1986) during the gratuitous shower scene 80's movies seemed to have as mandatory in a horror flick.

So, 1986. Seems about right.

Current craphole apartment has a hotel style tub and rail, so we have to buy shower curtains again, which is a bit poo. Current one also seems to be something out of a horror film, it's a tan plastic, with a pretty fabric outer curtain.

My roommate has the occasional need for an in-home nurse, and she seemed spooked after using our restroom. I asked why, and she said she has that same curtain.

That would probably freak me out too.
Chaos / Re: Last Person to Speak Wins! 第四部曲
« Last post by 8ullfrog on February 08, 2019, 01:06:58 AM »
Eh, I prefer the vandals happy birthday to me, but it's kinda cynical, so I just post it for mine.

I had mixed up this and happy happy joy joy, it was far more epic in my mind. Funny the things we remember that never happened. I don't like calling it the Mandela effect though, I think that's weird racism. Nothing I can do about that though.

Bea was one of the few people nice enough to play STO with me. I tried to reciprocate by playing LOTRO, but I really hated it's tech is evil bent, and I kept falling off this one castle and dying.

I like to imagine the character I rolled also despises the world. Maybe he took up farming like my skyrim dude. I loaded that up the other day, and got attacked by a vampire on my own property! Jerk kept yelling "You never should have come here". I paid good septims for that land, and I already ran off a necromancer! No blood sucking jerk will take my crappy farm away!

I also wanted to let Bea know they re-released Resident Evil 2 in a complete remake, I believe she enjoys that series, and 2 was kind of the best of the series. I used to want glass replicas of the police station keys, but realized that would be stupid when I can use money for food instead.
Chaos / Re: Last Person to Speak Wins! 第四部曲
« Last post by 6pairsofshoes on February 08, 2019, 12:20:39 AM »
It's hard to top that video, so I'll just say, Happy birthday, Bea, and do pop in when you can.  You cheer the place up so.

I wish I had some advice about what to give your daughter to read.  Here's a useful instructional video for when she's a little older.  <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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