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TV / Movies / Re: Latest Movie You Watched
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Today at 04:15:08 AM »
Wow, I really had a lot of words for the car boys, didn't I?

Anyway, I'm going to recommend something completely different, Long shot.

Yeah, Charlize Theron is in that, and she was a horrible monster on one of the fast films, honestly can't remember which one, but GOD that one made us hate her.

But you shouldn't hate the actress, you should hate the character, and she's a friggin Princess in Long shot.

I mean all the poo women have to deal with that men don't, it gets boiled down. And it's funny, because it's thrown out in an argument, and when Charlotte (Charlize Theron's character) calls cowpoo, Seth Rogen flat out stops and goes "golly you're right."

Because it's true, we're on a flaming ball of hell, currently under the auspices of a spray tanned monster.

Like I can't enjoy that level of satire in the film, we're living it.

Holy poo that spray tan monster could end the world tomorrow, over cowpoo on twitter!

But it's a good movie, it's entertaining, and you should watch it. Just don't watch it with your mom. Seth Rogen jacks off, and it sprays his beard.

I'll put that out, because that's the shaming angle the "Wembly News" network puts on it.
Video Games / Re: I offered Ubisoft $20.
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Today at 12:13:37 AM »
I did not get a response, but there was a new sale.


The game pack I wanted went from $119.00 to $39.60.

I figure that's close enough to $20 to get the job done.

I installed Far Cry 3 to try and give uPlay a fair shake. I've honestly never used it. I avoided Origin for EA games as long as possible, kept the EA download manager alive!

but EA eventually made Origin mandatory.

Same thing with uPlay. I had prior Ubisoft titles on Steam, but I don't want to use two launchers at the same time.

So I purchased the Far Cry Gold Pack for $39.60.

Far Cry 3 downloaded at around 7Mbps. 9.6 gigs downloaded in about 20 minutes. There are people complaining about poor download speeds on the official forums, but I was impressed. Over on steam, they're doing this "pre-allocation" poo that doubles or triples the wait for a game to install. Not a fan of that at all.

Far Cry 3 took it's sweet time to launch, to the point I loaded up the forum to try and find out why it wasn't launching, but in the middle of that, the game actually launched. There was the usual directX nonsense that most gamers are unfortunately accustomed to, but the game did eventually launch.

I was supremely impressed by the prologue, but I'm holding off on a final verdict. I've heard a lot of Ubisoft titles start off strong, and peter out to generic enemy 154 bullet sponge.

Well the prologue was EXTREMELY engaging. You're a rich as balls tourist, captured by pirates. That opening sequence is MEMORABLE. It reminds me of the HL2 opening, where you are not given a gun to begin with, and have to run to survive.

Holy crap do you have to run in FC3.

So far I am satisfied with my purchase. I knew my system couldn't run FC5, and considered the Far Cry Platinum pack to be an insulting price point, $92.00 ON SALE.

For illustration, Far Cry 3 is now hosted in the "Legacy" forum on the Ubisoft forum pages.

So yeah, it's not goodwill pricing, but that isn't an option at hand.
Chaos / Re: Last Person to Speak Wins! 第四部曲
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 04:10:04 PM »
Studio mandate. Originally they were a co-processor used to maintain the matrix and whatever it is the robots do in the grim dark future. The nutrient paste is implied to be watered down people, they make a joke about shredded wheat. I guess they got past the cannibalism problem.

The video game Path of neo was pretty good, you even get little asides where 8 bit representations of the Wachowski's explain either problems with the original script, or why a certain scene has been rewritten because while it made sense in the movie, it would be boring in a game.

The prior game title, enter the matrix, let you access cheat codes in the form of dos commands. I had already forgotten everything I knew about dos commands, so it was frustrating to go back to that. Both games were better than the sequels.

Honestly, the sequels seemed to be in search of a meaning that eluded the Wachowski's, and it really showed.


Also it's starring a lot of people who are dead in the series, that's... weird.
TV / Movies / Re: What's your favourite TV program of the moment?
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 04:05:16 PM »
nope, awake and screaming while you're the meatsuit, and with the sarcophagus that can run into the thousands of years.

Jolinar was the worm that was in carter's head one episode. It got killed by an assassin, but did technically use up all it's healing powers to
un-microwave Carter's brain.

Which is good, because the SGC really needs Carter's brain. Like, it's the most important thing in the whole place, and sending her on a frontline recon team is both stupid and wasteful?

One interesting thing, her rank progression tracks. The Air Force consulted extensively on the show. So she ranks up when a real officer would. No academy student becomes Captain of the flagship shenanigans like that 2009 reboot of an extremely popular franchise.
TV / Movies / Re: Stargate: SG-1 - Season 1.
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 03:58:20 PM »
a brainwashing fog. They go into it more in a later episode.

Hathor had the dudes only version. It's entirely possible the other version was available, but her ego had it modified to first come out of the hosts body, and second, only work on dudes.

This is WAY off in the future, but female Jaffa get treated even worse than the male ones.
TV / Movies / Re: Stargate: SG-1 - Season 1.
« Last post by 6pairsofshoes on Yesterday at 03:34:33 PM »
What's a Nishta?
TV / Movies / Re: What's your favourite TV program of the moment?
« Last post by 6pairsofshoes on Yesterday at 03:33:36 PM »
I forgot who Jolinar is.

And now I remember the wife of Daniel Jackson, the archaeologist getting that worm thing into her back so that's a full grown Gouald.  Not a happy prospect for the host, it seems.
TV / Movies / Re: Stargate: SG-1 - Season 1.
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 02:16:19 PM »
O'neill was a first generation Jaffa, so the effects were reversible. Teal'C was born one. Think of it like selective breeding, how those poor German Shepherds had bad hips slowly creep into their genetic code.

The Nishta is not always gender coded, but a zat blast does clear it out of your system. Hers is actually inferior to modern Nishta. (She was locked up for a couple thousand years)
TV / Movies / Re: What's your favourite TV program of the moment?
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 02:08:39 PM »
I like when Teal'c does stuff that pisses Junior off. He always gets that little smirk. Chris Judge is fantastic.

There actually are "Bad" trill in the form of the Bluegill, episode TNG S1 X 25 - "Conspiracy". The connection would not be discovered until the post DS9 books, which used to be considered official, I don't know if they still are.

I see you're up to Hathor, so I guess you saw how the X cut is made. The actual Goauld hosts are selected for beauty, and are slaves. No X pouch for them.

From Carter's interaction with Jolinar, we know that as a Goauld host you're still there in your head, Screaming.
TV / Movies / Re: What's your favourite TV program of the moment?
« Last post by dweez on Yesterday at 01:57:21 PM »
They (Jaffa and Goa'uld) are basically just nasty Trill.

Actually, the Trill were a blending of the personalities of the two entities. Jaffa's are just the incubators for the Goa'uld. Jaffa's get extended life-spans and improved healing at the expense of a total loss of their biological immune system (remove the Goa'uld and the Jaffa eventually dies) but no interaction between or blending of the two entities. Sure, the Jaffa can sometimes "sense" how the Goa'uld feels, but I liken that more to a baby kicking in the mother's womb.
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