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Re: I want this...
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I used to make pot pies.  I'd make a big batch of dough and roll it out, layering it with wax paper, until I assembled the pies.  I had a bunch of those little individual aluminum pie pans.  I used three fillings:  I'd use leftover rotisserie chicken, cut into cubes, & would make a basic white sauce (butter, flour & half & half or milk), and sauté some diced onions, celery, carrots & mushrooms with some frozen peas.  I'd layer these into the bottom pie shell, and then cover it with the second, poking holes in the top.  These freeze well and take about 45 minutes to bake (from freezer to table).  They're so good.  I'd make a ton of them at once, & freeze them, as they were so labor intensive.  But they beat the pants off anything you can get at the store.
Good idea Six. I'm going to steal this idea from you. I normally cook big and put into small containers then into the freezer. When I hit the road, I grab 2 or 3 (normally, I'll have a variety of choices), with a few bottles of water, into the cooler then out the door. I also fill a large thermos with coffee.