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Fanfic stings.
« on: August 27, 2017, 08:45:40 AM »
I posted one star wars fic on, and got more psychoanalysis than reviews, so golly it.

I was reading post civil war marvel fics, and one called to me "write a scene where poo isn't fixed at all, and tony stark holds a grudge."


I could see, even with the earth blown up, infinity war lost, the following




Sam: It just seems a little petty

Judge General: oh, I'm sorry, did you not cripple Colonel Rhodes, the partner of our current savior, protector of the fleet Tony Stark?

Sam: No, I mean the fact that there isn't a United States at all, but you've still convened a full court martial.

Judge General: Protector stark was very generous to provide us all uniforms, not counting the honkin' fleet of bitchin' starships, considering what dicks his old team are.
Sam: sighs.
just one little time change so a draft board in 1968 turns down the bribe to accept "bone spurs" and we are home-free.