Author Topic: Things you like about movies that have nothing to do with the plot.  (Read 193 times)

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I like when stores show up, shows you where things were at when movies were made. Mainly any domestic stuff is cool, but I was shocked at how shitty cars really were in film. Cash 4 clunkers really did the world a service.

Kitchens are another fun one. I watched some of buffy season 1 on facebook for freeees, and that kitchen looks god damned ancient. Like stuff in movies from '86 looked better. Joyce was slackin', considering how low property taxes were in Sunnydale. It was essentially "Still have a pulse? No property taxes until high school graduation '99. Why? don't ask." And no one ever did.

The last scummy house I lived at, we couldn't get a replacement shower door handle, and the home depot shitbird actually mocked us. He asked "What do you think this is, Chula Vista?" We scowled at him and moved on.

I don't know when the part originated, but it featured in the very shitty Witchboard (1986) during the gratuitous shower scene 80's movies seemed to have as mandatory in a horror flick.

So, 1986. Seems about right.

Current craphole apartment has a hotel style tub and rail, so we have to buy shower curtains again, which is a bit poo. Current one also seems to be something out of a horror film, it's a tan plastic, with a pretty fabric outer curtain.

My roommate has the occasional need for an in-home nurse, and she seemed spooked after using our restroom. I asked why, and she said she has that same curtain.

That would probably freak me out too.
just one little time change so a draft board in 1968 turns down the bribe to accept "bone spurs" and we are home-free.