01. Be nice and show respect for one another.

02. Arguing is tolerated, flaming is not.

03. Don't go Supernova.

04. If you have decided to go Supernova, please make sure we all have a good supply of popcorn first.

05. Anything we deem crass or offensive, may be hidden by a "Spoiler" button, removed completely and could incur a possible warning or ban.

06. Most stuff from /b/ and 4chan is crass or offensive.

07. Keep ranting and griping to the designated boards/threads (some of us actually like the world).

08. Word censoring is active so acquaint yourself the list of safe profanities to use.  Willfull circumvention of this will result in a 24hr mute (longer for recidivism).

08b. Word censoring is a personal decision and can be turned off and on via your profile, it is not compulsory (swear all you like).  However, foiling the system is breaking the rules.

09. No porn or links to porn.

10. Definitely no spam or 419s (unless you are binklespup)

11. No links or discussions about specific warez or torrents although generalised debate is acceptable in the members areas.

12. If you are are going to smoke drugs here, please use an ashtray not the floor.

13. Please leave all guns and sharp instruments at the door, and in some cases that may include your "wit".

14. No discussions about 'Computer hacking'.