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Title: Reliable Displays
Post by: 8ullfrog on September 17, 2018, 05:12:23 PM
So I'm thinking... 22 inch, 1080p capable, widescreen.

My garbage salvage display has gone off to the dumpster.

I finally looked it up, it's from 2006, and it's expected service lifetime was the length of it's warranty (1 Year). I think I got about that out of it, which is impressive, since it's many, many years after it was made.

So far it's looking like $100-$130 if I go name brand, $75 if I go with this:


Obviously, I've never heard of this company, which is not a ringing endorsement of quality or longevity. The other poo sandwich is that it's VGA.

I lost the link for the $85 one that was DVI and HDMI. My video card is DVI or HDMI. Worked pretty good when I hooked it up to the TV. There is also some HDMI lookin bent thing, I don't know what that interface is, and don't really care.


Right now I'm using a Dell 1708fp, and the only impressive thing about it is that it detaches from it's base. It also appears to date to the halcyon days of 2006.
Title: Re: Reliable Displays
Post by: 8ullfrog on September 18, 2018, 05:38:14 PM
I had a Hyundai display like that, my aunt sold it at a garage sale when I was toiling in NJ. I lost a lot to that garage sale. She still laughs about it.

No wonder her kids don't talk to her.