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Title: SNICK
Post by: 8ullfrog on April 16, 2020, 09:41:37 PM
So you guys are all a bit senior to me, and six asked about shows to watch, and I thought, well why not SNICK? I mean, it's no LA LAW, but it's content, right?

1992 - 2005, it was the post little kids bedtime nickelodeon.

Ren & Stimpy, and the soul scarring "Are You Afraid Of The Dark"

Honestly, I'm not sure I want to jump back in to AYAOTD, Watching the Elm Street series as an adult has me not viewing Freddy Kreuger as an avatar of fear, but as a petulant joker who just won't die.

I don't remember Roundhouse at all, so it probably wasn't all that great.

I remember Pete&Pete being a decently weird series, but distinctively 90's, I've no clue how it aged, and don't really care to check.

Clarissa explains it all - I never liked it. Snarky without a point. Whatserface went on to be Sabrina the Teenage witch and... not much else.

1994 brought All That. You may have heard of Kenan Thompson.

1994 also brought "The Secret World Of Alex Mack". It's a decent little sci-fi series, I probably won't rewatch it, but if you want a lighthearted series that occasionally goes to dark places, you could do worse.

Eh, maybe I'm overly fond of the series, I do remember it being a cheese factory.

I don't remember Space Cases being a late night show, I guess that's weird. A Kiddy Star Trek. Interestingly enough, it suffers from the Scifi Canadian disease I mentioned in the Stargate thread. Because it filmed in Montreal.

Huh, I didn't realize I flat out stopped watching TV around 1998, The Internet kind of made it all seem pointless. Maybe I just aged out of SNICK.

I meant to write more to create this thread, but I ran out of stuff to say. I never liked Spongebob.