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« on: February 23, 2009, 08:56:05 PM »

Travian is an award-winning German massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game developed by Travian Games GmbH.

The game's developers drew roughly from Classical antiquity and particularly from the Roman Empire to create a predominantly militaristic real-time strategy. Along with three English versions, and the original German version, the game has been translated into over 40 other languages,and has over 3 million players and over 250 servers worldwide. In 2006, it won the Superbrowsergame Award, in the large games category.

Travian is programmed in PHP and runs in most modern browsers (such as Camino, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari). Travian was also the first game of its type to be playable on mobile phones. When played on a cell phone, it uses Java.

Does anyone play it? I saw a banner on TPB and said why not? The strategy fan and history geek I am, I got addicted to it.  ;D