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Re: dweez's new toys
« Reply #60 on: May 02, 2022, 05:22:11 AM »
Is he dealing directly with Razer Support? I've read nasty horror stories about support in the subreddit, about taking months of back-and-forth and still no progress, the whole time the customer is without their device. I've even heard of systems being "lost" and Razer playing dumb about it.

This is the primary reason I bought from a 3rd party instead of direct. I chose Best Buy over Amazon or Microsoft because I knew I could just walk into a local Best Buy store for support. Even with that, I had a Wireless/Bluetooth controller issue 11 months after purchasing it so took it into BB. I walked them through everything I tried and the Geek Squad guy was like "Ok, that's everything we'd do so let's just write up the replacement order".

But after putting it in their system, he said he'd still have to send it to Razer because the original manufacturer's 1yr warranty was still in effect. After some more chatting, we decided that, since I could still use wired ethernet fine, I would just wait and come back in a month after the BB warranty kicked in. When that time came, I double-checked and Wireless/BT was back so I just canceled the support meeting.

I'm still fine with Razer peripherals (keyboard/mouse/etc) and the laptop performance was great but after the last 2 years of waiting for the inevitable, I'm done. I'll stick to desktops for gaming and just use work laptops or my tablet/phone for mobile stuff.

Sorry to hear that TNG is having to go through all that crap. I hope everything turns out well but the realist in me would advise he prepare for the worst.

This is essentially what I said to him in as much as he may have to take the hit. He has initiated a "small claims" against the guy he bought it from but, in all honesty, I think that guy is being messed around as much as he's messing TNG around. He bought something else in the interim that he's quite fond of and there is a best case scenario that he may get a brand new machine from Razor that is the latest model (as I think his is discontinued). If that ends up as the case he may just sell it and be a couple of thousand quids to the better.

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Re: dweez's new toys
« Reply #61 on: May 02, 2022, 08:46:01 AM »
You get a nasty little email from razer the day before your products go out of warranty date, telling you they are now held harmless.
It actually results in a little tombstone on your inescapable cloud profile.

I'm still using the equipment, 2011 on both, the Razer Black Widow and the Razer 2011 Naga MMO.

The mouse has held up better than the keyboard. The black paint on the number pad scratched off with cleaning and the bumpers under the mouse could probably use a replacement.

Also, it weirdly clicks the next item down in context menu sometimes (This resulted in an official warning on the steam forums for posting on the ruski board instead of off topic)

The keyboard, it's the cable that's the problem. If the keyboard moves slightly, it will disconnect from the PC. or it will repeat input, resulting in a long key reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm also not a big fan of synapse. 2011 hardware caps out at 2.0, but I stupidly downloaded the 3.0 software trying to fix the mouse issue, and it damn near choked my pc to death.

I'd rate Razer as more style than substance. I used to like the flared mouse buttons, but considering the mis-click crap, I could do without.

I'd probably rate the Microsoft 2.0 explorer intellimouse with all the buttons as the best mouse I've used. only downside is they used that shitty 2000's rubber type garbage that devolves into a goo substance over time.