Author Topic: I don't give a poo about braniac.  (Read 10189 times)

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I don't give a poo about braniac.
« on: February 21, 2018, 10:31:36 PM »
Siffy channel is going to be doing a prequel to a prequel. Take everything good about smallville (basically just lois) and set an entire series in an emotionally numb cgi shitscape. And the bad guy? Brainiac. So fucling boring. I kinda liked the one krypton episode with brainiac in the superman animated series (lois was pretty boss on that show too) but every subsequent appearance overbuffed him to cowpoo levels. Injustice made him the geth (mass effect) mixed with the borg (trek, duh)

It's the same as that grape golly thanos, a boring shitty villian.

It's kind of like how asgard was boring as poo in the first two Thor movies, no one really cares about krapton. It's an origin story, not a fertile playground to set a series in.