Author Topic: oh poo.... as quietly as possible.  (Read 779 times)

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oh poo.... as quietly as possible.
« on: August 31, 2017, 06:21:50 AM »
While I must admit, Rodriguez surprised me in planet terror, and maybe a few other horror movies have grabbed me, Resident Evil made me think I was gonna die. Gun nut sites had already schoolled me on the mp5 being poser bait, and some of the poo the supposed stars team (actually ubcs) team rang as false, when they got to dining hall B? poo all went out the window.

UCBS was the finest in combat forced labor could provide. I didn't know poo about mercenaries, or blackwater at that point. I did know they were bent from RE3, and the maligned Re: survivor, but up to dining hall B, I bought their cover.

Specifically, the team wearing STARS patches, a mix between cop and paramedic, were actually a sweeper team (mercenaries sent to murder the golly out of everything to cover the controversy)

But the team finds themself in a room filled with smoke and containment tanks. The hacker is confused, saying the room is labeled as "dining hall B". This hints at a much better movie, but then they introduce an ax toting zombie and things go to poo,

But that hacker, and that line about dining hall B? More terror than a million cat jump scares, because they all became rats at that point, to umbrella.

And of course they didn't get it. Because the director bent and married milla.