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James Gunn fired from Disney.
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:56:42 PM »
I did not like the guardians of the galaxy on first watch. I thought the tone was all over the place, especially with how heavily it's characters are marketed to children. Watching Ronan the destroyer be a total piece of poo had my mom stop watching the movie.

But looking back, Vol's 1 and 2 are some of the best movies marvel has put out. Recently it was reported that James Gunn had finished the script for Vol 3, but then some conservative crap jockey dug up old tweets where a younger James Gunn tried to be edgy. They aren't funny, but Disney has essentially drop kicked him out of the kingdom of the mouse.

I don't like it. I watched the "Who will buy the Fox rights" story eagerly hoping for Marvel to get their character rights back, but now the Mouse is bless'ed it up. Considering there are still ACTUAL rapists and pedophiles working in the movie industry, some stupid tweets on the internet seem like a fairly shitty line in the sand.

I mean it was typical edgelord crap, of the line of that shitty Confucius rape joke, and NAMBLA poo, and they've cut him off at the knees.

I've always considered Twitter a net negative on the world, and this just reinforces my bias. I've always thought that off the cuff posts should have a one year self destruct policy. It's one of the few bright sides of all the times Demonoid went down. When it came back, New fora!