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« on: November 30, 2018, 03:04:43 PM »
I don't like Thomas Middlechurch. His face makes me want to punch him, which is why I figure he was the young (no party mentioned but he's a republican) intern in the film "In the loop". And like Malcolm Tucker, Er, sorry, I fecked up. Wasn't him in "in the loop". But holy poo does he look like Zach woods, who actually plays the intern. ram it up the something with a lubricated horse something.

Anyway, intern mc zuckerbergface is PERFECT for the Verizon ads, because they are a very punchable company, being complete fishmongers to the least of them.

Anyway, my mom's "FREE" tablet was acting the urine monkey. Around $500 and two years of Mandatory Service on those "FREE" tablets btw.

It's whining about a sim card. Says not from Verizon. Now I know service has been terminated on this device, as I'm the man who feckin' terminated the service. So it's got no 4g. So very sad, even though they charge by the feckin' spotted owl tear that fuels the 4g service now. Unlimited is a distant memory.

Anyway, I pop the offending sim card out the side of the tablet, since this plastic rectangle still allows that, and sure as a Cornish hen, It's got the Verizon logo stamped on it. I've got visions of call center crappery spinning in my head, but I just think "No, Nintendo that sewage."

I don't blow on it, as that is a rookie move, and promotes corrosion. No, I jam that card back in the tablet, so it will know what it's done.

Restart, and it's no longer whining about sim cards. And some companies actually charge money for what I've just done. The equivilant of Unplugging it, then plugging it back in again. And they don't charge small amounts, no, they really stick it to you.

also apparrently the ad monkey is named middleditch not middlechurch. BAH!

I mention the ugly henchman because I've been getting all three "tiers" of ads on the youtubs. For the rich, 1 year free apple music! For the middle class, 6 months free apple music! For the poors, 2 months free apple music! Also don't loiter around the store or we'll have you shot for not having more money!

Anyway, they're the least horrible of the lot in the US, and that is not a recommendation.
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Re: Verizon.
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 10:46:51 AM »
I have a short list of telecommunications companies that did me wrong and that I won't do business with again.  Sprint is number 1, Verizon is number 2.  A Verizon rep sold me a contract that they swore on a stack of Bibles was one price including all fees and taxes.  It was a bulk contract, meaning, all calls, local and long distance for a set price each month.  The first time I got a bill it was, big surprise, 20 dollars more than the quoted price.  I called.  They didn't give a rat's ass how pissed I was.  I said your overbilling will cost you a lifetime customer.  I was on a temporary job assignment and the charges only lasted a few months before I moved back to my permanent residence.  As a result, they'd have to be offering really powerful incentives to get me to overlook that robbery.