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Mass Effect: DLC Nightmare.
« on: December 13, 2018, 05:33:16 AM »
Mass effect did not appeal to me. I got a copy for free with my 360, never bothered. Picked it up on a lark during the first steam Holiday sale when I was flush with cash, and it made me fall in love with my MacBook Pro.  ...Running bootcamp mr. c.

Hitman blood money ALSO made me love the MBP, and the Logitech Bluetooth mouse I got for it. That was a very nice machine that I paid a lot of money for.

Picked up ME2 a few years later in another holiday sale, but was warned it wasn't worth playing without the $10 Kasumi Goto DLC. Bioware made me fall in love with the bottom pirate droid GO-TO in KOTOR 2, which was an abysmal game. But GO-TO was such a horrible bottom. Kasumi is apparently his cross universe daughter or whatever. Okay, I let ME2 digital rot because his daughter cost $10.

It's worse now. That's right. Game came out in 2010, and the DLC is MORE expensive. First, say goodbye to steam. Daniel Jackson is right, Origin is bless'ed evil. And they made me a black woman. Weird customer standpoint, turned myself into the sims green plumbob, but WOW could that have been a poor customer service interaction.

Speaking of customer service interactions, I had two! And they didn't use fake American names. Both were absolute sweethearts in a blast furnace of shite, so they had that going for them.

The first guy, Deepak, did his best, not much help. At that point my username was dripping refuge, and he couldn't do poo. But he tried, holy hell did he try. Not his fault EA is a dumpster fire, this man tried everything he could to find me a deal. Even warned me off buying a deal that would have cut me off from my sweet, sweet DLC. Then I figured out my actual EA login, and we were across a river. Poor Deepak wanted to help me, but logging in just washed him away.

I'll miss you Deepak, RIP buddy.

So I got logged in. EA turned me into a black woman. I rolled with it, updated my info into nice unidentifiable green crystal, like god intended.

Gurpreet had my back this round. He agreed that the pricing was weird.


Base Game 1, NO DLC. It's free, and apparently you can steal the DLC right from EA, they give no shits.

I think that's what I paid that Christmas? whatever, it's on sale, and I think Bring down the sky actually ended my hope in sci fi. Seriously, it is a DARK mission, and you do not walk away from it unchanged. Unless you're the butcher of Torfan. Then it's same poo, different day. srsly. Hostages are an inconvenience!

I never played Pinnacle station, and I can't speel it. but you can get away with stealing it, on the official EA forum. Whatevs bro.

Then we wander.

ME2 is $7.99. Not the best price for a game that came out eight years ago, but an okay discount. NO DLC FOR YOU!

Wait, what? What's the DLC cost then?


And no discount? NO.

okay, let's take a look at 3, what's that run?

$7.99. Okay, so same price as 2, but that includes the DLC this time, right? NO!

and ME3 DLC runs what?


Are you frakkin kidding me? NO.

Trilogy runs $17.99. But you guessed it, No DLC.

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Re: Mass Effect: DLC Nightmare.
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2018, 02:39:58 PM »
You wouldn't believe the desecration they've piled on tetris.

But yes, seriously, a DLC pack that used to cost $10 is now $14.99. Like it got better with age or something.

BWAHAHA. I did what the service agent said. Trilogy was released Nov. 12th, 2012. For $19.99. Okay, that's a thrilling Two dollar discount now.

But if we throw the trilogy - $17.99
and the ME2 DLC - $14.99.
Then throw in the ME 3 DLC - $17.99

Well that adds up to $50.97. Nice Andromeda sized hole you got there EA.

Specifically, Mass Effect: Andromeda was a big floppy fish, and will probably never stumble it's malformed self over to the PC platform.

But that creates a corporately imagined "Loss". How would Corporate Mc.EA deal with that shortage? pass that loss on to the customer.

BTW - these are DISCOUNT numbers. They say you're saving 40% at these amazing rates.
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Re: Mass Effect: DLC Nightmare.
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2018, 07:22:26 PM »
They steepened the discount, so I bought in.

Origin does NOT have a cart option. That's right, you have to do THREE transactions to get the mass effect trilogy, the Mass Effect 2 DLC pack, and the Mass Effect 3 DLC pack.

My bank was on that like white on rice in a snowstorm. I had to verify each transaction, then the bank lady said it was a stupid way to do business.

Gotta say, I agree with her.

This problem dates back to when origin started. They do NOT intend on fixing it.

Oh, and if you do more than one transaction, EA places a warning on your account. Duck those bozos.

Support guy DID issue me discount credits for each of the DLC's, so I ended up paying $33.67. Shoutout to Kamalpreet!