Author Topic: Peanut Butter legit nosells hiccups.  (Read 4889 times)

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Peanut Butter legit nosells hiccups.
« on: November 15, 2019, 06:42:31 AM »
I thought this was cowpoo, but I rarely get hiccups.

Unfortunately, peri-peri beef jerky pulled this trigger. I had hiccups, it was painful and annoying, so I went to the kitchen and ate a teaspoon of skippy.

And it worked.

Like I've read in the past that hiccups are caused by throat irritation and was equal parts "That sounds true" and "That's horseshit"

But the peanut butter thing, that's legit.

Now I want peanut butter cookies, despite the fact that peanut butter cookies suck.