Author Topic: Master Chief Chronicles coming to STEAM.  (Read 573 times)

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Master Chief Chronicles coming to STEAM.
« on: March 12, 2019, 04:00:15 PM »
This is mind blowing, but I'm not completely sold.

I mean we never thought 3 would come to PC, let alone STEAM? Freeman and Chief on the same platform? INSANITY.

I of course, checked the system requirements first, and, well, I'm not pleased. It says "64 bit processor"

I mean why be coy? I'm thinking they are making this announcement before doing ANY actual porting. I also remember the false Vista requirement on Halo 2 PC. Demonoid faithfully provided a bypass, which should never have been required, and proved the emperor had no clothes...

Alright, I just didn't want to upgrade to Vista on BootCamp. And I was RIGHT, I have no bless'ed clue what my vista pass was, and the XP pass was HUNTER2.

eh, that's more a data archeology spelunking problem than it is performance for a game that has only been announced.

Eh, my avatar in game is still my Teal Spartan, D72.

Also, windows live gaming, or whatever, nuked ALL of my Chievos in Halo 2. And I got ALL OF THEM. Still mad. My rank got reset to SGT. And that only stands because of Halo 3, on the 360.

Who wants to bet you have to re-buy 1 and 2?