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Zombie driver HD.
« on: February 15, 2020, 02:00:54 AM »
This is a very interesting title. It feels a little budget, but considering I got it for free in a giveaway, that's obviously forgiven.

It's a top down game, a bit like an RTS, where the only unit is yourself. You upgrade weapons and cars in a pre-mission store. (THIS IS NOT REAL MONEY TRANSACTION, you make money with every zombie kill)

I'm only in the first few missions, but I have to say, the game sells itself by the title. You start out in a taxi cab, and start taking missions from the military.

Apparently I'm not doing quite enough grinding, since my ammo capacity is laughable (Maximum of 250 rounds) and the boss seems to have taken a few thousand rounds to take out, so I had to do a couple pit stops at ammo and health pickups.

I'd say I enjoy the game, but reversing feels a little sluggish, and leaves you feeling vulnerable in an un-fun way. Other than that, this game seems like a fun if mindless distraction.
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