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Saints Row
« on: March 07, 2020, 08:15:55 PM »
Saints Row never made it to PC, it was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Apparently they did port it to Xbox One, but I never got one of those. Apparently there are some framerate and graphics fixes there, and I'd probably recommend that over going back to the original.

I'm shocked how clunky the controls are. They really did tighten those screws over time, because holy poo it's like your protagonist is a walking refrigerator. You can't even crouch before the first kill mission. (Kill 3 rats) (Vice Kings)

I then jumped to one of my favorite (Read: Easiest) side activities, Drug Trafficking. And holy poo, you can't even zoom aim in the original, you're limited to the original crosshair system, which is complete poo. I like to take out pursuing drivers to prevent damage to the vehicle I'm guarding, but you can't even force the crosshair over the driver, you just have to shoot their vehicle like crazy and hope they either explode or hit something.

The game IS still fun, but I honestly can't recommend going back that far. Can't really recommend 2 because a re-release is imminent, so I guess I'd have to recommend 3 if you want to jump in. 3 isn't a bad place to join the series, but it certainly was a departure from the previous two games which alternatively are crime drama (1) Batman Villain (2) and Global Celebrity (3). 

[3/10] I never realized the tightening of controls and design features until they were stripped away on this replay. Aiming is EXTREMELY difficult, but I can mentally accept that as my player never holding a gun before, something that has very much changed by the second game.

Additionally, the activities are significantly harder. I love the insurance fraud missions in SR3 because your character goes FLYING when hit by a car. One reviewer said the boss' mass must have decreased by 90% to make it possible.

In the first game, it's an untenable slog. I can't get past LVL 3 of the activity because my character just falls on the ground and makes $20, when he needs to be launched into lunar orbit by an ambulance so I can make massive amounts of money!

Hostage taking is the most lucrative/least dangerous activities I found for making cash. I both tricked out a car my roommate liked AND bought a nice pair of mechanics boots off one hostage ride.

Additionally, for some reason the 360 won't install the game to the hard disk. I don't know if the game is too old, but it tells me it can't read the disc. Disc looks fine, but fails out at 0% copied.

I hear you can buy the game digitally for around $10, which would probably save you from this dilemma. I find myself VERY MUCH enjoying the radio stations, except that rap station the vice kings like. I didn't like Biz Markees booger song in the 90's, and I don't like it now. The stupid "fiending for a flavor" song also bothers me.
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