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Re: Stargate SG1 Season 10
« Reply #30 on: June 11, 2020, 11:29:14 PM »
I'm on the last disc

TALION - Jaffa poo again. Teal'c behaves poorly.
Bratac was always a pleasure, here, not so much. I'm glad this is the last disc, this feels tired, boring, and pointless. Once they set up the season 10 funnel of the Ori war, all these side stories should have been dropped. And I bless'ed HATE the Ori.

In a false moment of "badassery" Teal'c explodes a spy. It's... ugh.

The last fight, with the Arkad guy, seems out of place in stargate, but more... modern?

The scene with Bratac in the infirmary though? classic SG.

Still, when we're in the last five episodes, it's not a detour we should have gone on.


ooh, Mitchell makes a direct comment on the show being cancelled.

bless'ed Landry, trying to force Vala to have a relationship with her dad. It's certainly true to his character.

Why the golly are they letting a scam artist run free? Vala had to live on base for damn near a year before being allowed to go shopping, and Teal'c repeatedly had problems in civilian interaction.

Even better, Danny smokes a jaffa with an M9, and it's under rug swept. Any other season, a cop would catch Daniel, and the episode would revolve around the SGC resolving the issue without exposing the program.

The Jaffa fired a zat at Daniel as well, how would they explain that to the police?

It rings of poor writing, or that they just no longer gave a poo and phoned the script in.

Yup, it's that last one. He suddenly has an ankle monitor that he ditched because the script called for it.

Oh god, even worse, they have Mitchell fire a warning shot. Which makes no damn sense.

Jesus, they parent trapped the retard. Why they didn't blow his cargo ship is beyond me.

I feel like the original payoff was going to be the treasure box Vala keeps, but since they were cancelled they didn't give a poo.

They even jammed a "girls night" with Vala and Sam.

The last scene, with Teal'c at the vagina monologues is a little funny.


Vala becomes a Pariah. I thought it was weird how Colonel Reynolds became the B-team guy, it might have made more sense if they had Mitchell in that role, SG-1 on research, SG-whatever on recon.

Totally weird how we're back on spec with what the season was SUPPOSED to be about.

Also weird that they built a Star Trek TOS era jail cell for Adria, when the show has ALWAYS had far better cells.

Ba'al is a bless'ed cartoon villain.

OK, so the reason Athena wasn't killed with extreme prejudice was because the NID was running a sting operation. That... isn't terrible.

I mean the plot is, the NID allowing the Goauld to run missions on earth... very stupid. But it's a good way around a plot hole.
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Re: Stargate SG1 Season 10
« Reply #31 on: June 11, 2020, 11:57:52 PM »
I found the whole arc of Season 10 essentially fragmented and incoherent.

They deal with the Ori as this existential threat that they inexplicably put on the back burner when it suits them.  First, omg the Ori are going to enslave the universe.  Then, dry look Ba'al gets to Barbie (whatever her name was, the Ori offspring of Vala) and all bets are off.  It's inconceivable that someone as powerful as an Ori would be vulnerable to Gouald parasites.  And their technology was supposedly so superior but it kind of gets tanked at one point.  So I guess not.  Their ships look like flying dental retainers.

Then the Jaffa get stupid and engage in idiotic infighting.

The episode with Vala's Dad was entirely lame.  I was so bored.  Even Vala seemed bored.

Your assessment re the writers phoning it in sounds about right.  I can't think of a single episode that was inspiring from that season.  200 was basically them having fun at the expense of the audience.  I spoke to someone else about it and they found it hilarious.  I guess it just wasn't to my taste.  Overall, I was entertained by the series and would consider watching one of the movies.  I tried one of the spinoff series (Atlantis) but couldn't hack it.

p.s.  Your commentary and responses to my questions helped add to my enjoyment, so I thank you for the time you devoted to that.
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Re: Stargate SG1 Season 10
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I'm still watching Dominion. They brought in the Tok'ra as pinch hitters.

The weakness of Adria against the Goauld makes sense... the Ori are using her as a cheat code. Half ascended being, standard meat suit. Remember Orlin? He tried to ride the fence too long and ended up with scrambled brains.

I don't think Adria was meant to last long by the Ori, just the invasion.


I didn't like the blue flash they used whenever the ship was hit, way overdone.

As to the deus ex... I didn't care for it.

Like, why not rewire essential systems into the "trunk" of the ship and sacrifice the neck? The matter reproduction device was in the back, and apparently could make ANYTHING.

Eh, maybe saucer seperation from Star Trek has me jaded.

Can't say I care for how they ended it, but hey, all things come to an end. I still think Moebius was a better way to go. I wonder how much money went to the creedence.

I still have the two features to watch. Ark of Truth and Continuum.

But Season 10, and essentially this series of threads, I guess we're done. Of course, anyone else, feel free to chime in.
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