Author Topic: Microsoft is currently using your computer, go away.  (Read 26 times)

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Microsoft is currently using your computer, go away.
« on: June 18, 2022, 04:45:17 PM »
I had an audio issue (I use my video card as my audio card with a TV hooked through HDMI, it behaves itself for the most part)
But during the troubleshooting, everything kept kicking back "Your internet connection is metered, and setup has been interrupted"
So I google it, and sure enough, I'd ticked that box when I reset Win10.

It's actually really useful. It keeps track on how much data your PC is sucking down, and it more importantly, restricts background data use.
I turned it off so the "setup" could complete, took about two minutes.

Now my mistake was leaving it switched off, my computer took forever to boot today, and resource use is spiked to the roof.
It's all windows services.

In a thread a long time ago, when I first installed 10, I complained about the hard drive sitting at 100% usage. That's back.

So I'm going to switch the meter back on. Because I am the primary user of my computer, not Microsoft.

Found out what the audio issue was, the stupid "enhancements"

I disabled that and the bass kicked in hard.

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