Author Topic: Windows is scallywag man.  (Read 2432 times)

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Windows is scallywag man.
« on: June 25, 2023, 06:18:50 PM »
So, if you're thinking of burning windows 10 as an ISO, forget about it. They've pushed it to the point where you need dual-layer or a USB stick.

They do not tell you this, so you download the entire ISO to get a "Haha, your DVD-R is not valid here!"

Worse, when I went to make the USB stick, it's downloading AGAIN. It didn't grab the ISO, it started from scratch.

Oh well, hopefully it will work smoothly.

What's even worse, the Microsoft support thread is smug about it. "It's about time they moved past that arbitrary limit" "It's a good thing to move on"  "Considering how few people actually burn install DVDs and either use cloud recovery or USB sticks, the installer growing beyond DVD limitations is okay." "Just buy a cheap USB stick".

I haven't seen assholes this smug since high school.

The poor guy posting the question wasn't able to boot from USB on that machine. I remember those headaches.

What's even worse is I recently deleted two perfectly good 10 ISO's to free up space. Wasn't expecting to do any windows installs any time soon.

I should have burned them instead of being an idiot.

Update for people who are not me -

Apparently 1909 is the last ISO to fit on a single layer.

Next Day Update -

 I got lucky, not only did my new computer support USB booting, it also used the hardware ID for the license, so I don't have to swap the license from my old computer.
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