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« on: August 26, 2023, 03:40:14 AM »
I remember we had great fun with that Tom Cruise Timey Wimey movie a few years back, and I've honestly wondered how to do this thread.

But I had to chat with the Bing Bot to get my Bing Points (bout ten bucks a month) and I got two EXTREMELY divergent bots.

The first bot was a lot more permissive, and on my side. It got auto bonked a few times because of racial slurs. Specifically, we were talking about Coccoitti, the one scene character in true romance.

Somehow, the bot got mixed up with Big Don, Samuel L Jackson's character in True Romance, and Colonel West, Samuel L Jackson's character in Basic.

These characters have NOTHING in common, but the bot was on my side. I said that West and Osbourne, at the end of the movie Basic, are being shanghaied into "section 8" an extrajudicial drug enforcement agency unit that doesn't officially exist.

The bot was totally into this and wrote a motherfuckin' Motorcycle ESCAPE SCENE for Osbourne and West.

Then Bing figured out I was doing something interesting with the bot and terminated the session. Which sucks. I love motorcycle escape scenes.

After that, it just kept telling me I was wrong. And I was, on one point.

West is a cool ade drinking fool. He's bought into section 8 wholehearted. The only person in the last scene of Basic who still has a SOUL is Osbourne. And she's being told to join or die.

She takes a beer, because of course she does.

I'm still mad. I was mad when I watched Basic. I'm mad now. golly section 8. golly them thumbing their nose at authority, and the movie doesn't sell that poo at all.

The first time we see Travolta's character, he's taking a shower. And he's got an M4 carbine mounted next to his shower... as one does.

We are instantly clued in that this isn't paranoia, and that people are out to kill him.

My bing bot induced insanity is... what if that's a good thing?

What if Hardy has played too many golly golly games in too many jungles? What if the bodies have stacked up, WHAT IF SECTION 8 NEEDS TO DIE?

They've all faked their deaths. They're all out of uniform. They call Hardy Colonel, but Colonel of bless'ed what?

Feel free to tell me I'm drunk and stupid.