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Meat Eviction.
« on: August 06, 2017, 01:49:15 AM »
Mom was sick today. I accompanied her to cvs so she could use the blood pressure tester.

Then we went to the food store but I stood outside because dog. Dog didn't need to go bless'ed anywhere, and I knew the little scallywag would hold in his piss and poo to spite me.

So he did!

I told mom to eat carbs because that has helped me in the past.

Instead she bought meat. Just meat. No spices, no hamburger buns, no tortillas. In the past this was a joke, but this time I wasn't biting. I was watching the four episodes of GOT available, and she could shove the meat up her ass for all I cared.

Unfortunately, I had already watched one of the episodes, and thrones talk can be considered spicy, so I might have said she could shove the meat up her ass for all I cared.

Either way, she gave me 90 days to get the golly out. Later on I boiled up a noodle packet blend WITHOUT meat, and that may have rescinded my eviction.

bless'ed seriously though, don't just buy a package of meat and expect dinner to just form around it. Holy poo.