Author Topic: Foods you can't find anymore.  (Read 2348 times)

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Foods you can't find anymore.
« on: December 19, 2018, 02:11:39 AM »
I remember odd twix variations, back in the late 80's, early nineties. Can't find any reference to them now.

Specifically, we had gouger grocery. (Actually named Wally's). Wally was a huge richard, and his prices were through the roof, but I live next door to the building.

He carried what one could uncharitably call a "Store brand" in "Best Yet" products.

I am in love with Best Yet hot sauce. And I mourn the end of Wally's, a good year after it closed, because I've used up my reserve. No more Best Yet hot sauce. :(

How about you? What do you love that has been taken off the market?

My mom didn't know they stopped making vanilla coke.
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