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Tiny Hero Maq&Cheese.
« on: January 23, 2019, 08:41:17 PM »
First thing - I do not like this.
Second thing - it was 15 cents a box, and mom bought 3.

   I do not like Tiny Hero Maq & Cheese. Maybe it would be better if they mixed the Quinoa in with the wheat, and ground it up. Then again, I didn't enjoy cauliflower pizza crust either. hmm.

Tiny Hero Maq & Cheese has a very unpleasant mouth feel. Normally, I'd write that off, but I've had ice cream and wondered if there was glass in it before, and that's how I'd compare it. It's like refrozen ice cream. Very unpleasant.

It feels like you have gravel... in your mouth. Or spider eggs. That's the one my brain comes back to, Quinoa is like spider eggs.

I added quite a bit of hot sauce, to try and burn my mouth, so it would be tricked, and I could finish this garbage.

So, if you've only got 15 cents for dinner, you're screwed anyway! You need to boil water, and add 4 tbsp of butter, plus 1/4 cup milk, just like regular mac and cheese!

Funny enough, the directions say if you use a strainer, the quinoa will fall out. I should have used a strainer.

This product gets my scowl of disapproval.