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THE BOYS w/spoilers
« on: July 27, 2019, 09:32:02 AM »
I don't get how a show drops an entire season day 1 and somehow does fanservice.

They took some of the most horrible parts of the boys, and subverted the golly out of them. Like, it's a whole new world come season 2.

They even teased at stuff from the original. "good guys" want a base in a distinctive building, they all want licenses to kill, and they want hero X.

The guest stars were surprisingly shocking, in both their brevity, and heavity. Like, holy poo XXXXX XXXXXX isn't only a federal director, he's some form of cabinet secretary! He hasn't chewed the scenery so hard since Star Trek: Enterprise.

And that psycho from that other show? In the other show, he was a horribly meticulous psychopath, here he's somehow so much worse!

One of the central premises of "THE BOYS" is that everything special about the heroes came out of a bottle.

Unlike the comic, our "good guys" don't get juiced. I mean one of them is, and it's horrifying, but it was involuntary.

The Superhero team, our "Villains" aren't all clued in on what is the what. Elizabeth Shue, holy poo. I have rarely been more repulsed by a character.

I mean I know about Jackie Gleeson retiring post Joffrey, and Lena Hedley catching so much poo for Cersei, but holy golly, neither of those chumps have poo on Madelyn Stillwell.

I still don't get how they sold that role.

Anyway the show is nuts, I shouldn't recommend it, but I do.

Speaking of Eric Kripke, yes he apes supernatural in two shots. There is a trunk shot, which is a nice subversion of Supernatural, and several times two characters madam at each other while riding around in a car.

The soundtrack is boss as golly. Like yes, 70's Rock is Dominate, but I'd trust Eric Kripke on French Rap recommendations. poo goes DEEP.

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