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Cellphones 2019.
« on: September 03, 2019, 08:10:06 PM »
My mom's phone was too old to use tech coach, so Verizon called me for all the walkthrough steps.

She's got a Droid Maxx, which was obsolete when she got it. She got this "amazing offer" to remove the unlimited data plan we previously enjoyed.

She's been having voice mail problems, so I called the 800 number in the error message. They couldn't troubleshoot and puppet the same phone, so they called mine.

Apparently mine is a grenade. More on that later.

So from my phone, the nice lady on the phone attempted to tech coach Mom's phone.

No dice, as child Bronson's ma would say.

So she sent a manual reset, which did, drumroll, nothing.

So she had me dial in. Mom didn't remember her voicemail passcode so they had to reset THAT.

I managed to dial in, it was two 16 second calls of her friends asking where she was. Not critical, but at the same time, come on. That's why we have phones!

Tech lady asked if I have any problems with my phone. I do, but I don't want to pay for an upgrade. She says the tech coach app did both phones, and mine has temperature spikes.

I mentioned that sometimes my screen dims, or the touch input, well, you know, doesn't. She attempts to do the advanced tech coach thing, and the bless'ed phone started radiating heat.

That's not good.

So she asks me to factory reset it. I powered down, popped my SD card, powered the piece of poo grenade back up, and follow "factory reset" instructions.

The thing goes nuts on heat again!

Nice lady has me pop the battery out because presumably an exploding phone would look bad for Verizon.

I get a new one in two days. Also, they don't make my grenade anymore, so I get upgraded two models for no money.

At least the lady was nice.

That was some SOLID dedication though.

oh golly, steam guard. I'm in trouble.
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Re: Cellphones 2019.
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2019, 01:43:44 AM »
October 8th. Hopefully my long nightmare is at an end.

Verizon mailed me a USB-C cable and called it a day. Phone uses micro-usb.

Verizon gave me the runaround and eventually conference called in SAMSUNG.

They also were elusive with answers, and began mailing me USB-C chargers. I've got three of them. I told them I had no confidence in them solving the problem, their "Case manager" told me I had to send the USB-C chargers back.

I told him I don't own a printer or a car, they can send a box to my apartment. Instead he emailed a shipping label. golly that guy.

Verizon eventually told me to just buy a charger off amazon. Beats buying it off Samsung, they want $29.99, Amazon wanted $10.39. Free shipping. Equipment is OEM, and matches the part number SAMSUNG was supposed to have sent me in the first place.

Honestly, if I get poo battery performance off this charge, I'm telling them to shut the golly up and send me an 8, which would have solved this entire problem within a WEEK, instead of the month of cowpoo I went through.

I mean, they charge me $15 a month "insurance" That's probably worth 3 S8's off what I've paid already.
just one little time change so a draft board in 1968 turns down the bribe to accept "bone spurs" and we are home-free.