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Friday the 13th - 3
« on: October 23, 2019, 06:29:40 AM »
Friday the 13th 3

I'm going to try to just watch the movie first this time, no hot takes.

Well that experience sure did suck.

We're introduced to our cast of morons, and as usual, they are disposable.

I'll admit, I fast forwarded through a lot of this turd. It was not good.

Like, even the base motivation of everyone in this sequel is bad. You should aim for ONE sympathetic character in this, but the movie does not.

Like at best, the hockey mask is established. But WHY Jason wants to kill fecund teenagers is not elaborated on.

Just, he kills teens. He kills them a lot. An elaborate hanging rig slows him down.

Like, if you need to incapacitate Jason, Set up a hoist of some sort, and chuck him out of a bless'ed barn. Do not let his feet touch the ground, or you're bent.

But if you can hang him off the ground, you win, Super Cheat Code.

This movie was bad, and everyone involved in it sucks. The end.

Seriously, I've watched a LOT of bad horror movies, this one doesn't even rate.

Like, are we at Camp Crystal lake? No.  Are the cast Camp Counselors? No.

Is there any reason Jason in particular should be killing these naffs? No.

This movie is crap. Like the Ammityville sequels, it makes no bless'ed sense.