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Jason Goes To Hell.
« on: November 22, 2019, 03:50:26 AM »
So, I read that this one is batshit. Like, while ruby ridge and Waco went down, this movie got greenlit.

Like, my major takeaway, being a minor and all, never seeing the film, I wondered why the hell there was a worm on the poster. and oh boy was the rumor mill up.

The worm went up your bottom, by the way, by 1993 logic. This is post dr. Giggles, and holy golly was that movie rancid.

Honestly, Jason and Dr Giggles could go golly themselves. That's a strange and unpleasant world 1993 dropped, but hey, kids weren't shielded from that poo back then.

I didn't see JGTH, and in fact, both my mom and dad would have been assholes to let me watch it.

But like, they used to show prior films on TV, so the outhouse kill from V and the worm from the Jason goes to hell worm poster got tied together in a cowpoo formula.

Don't watch this movie, it's seriously gross.
 golly this movie, and golly new line for going in this direction.

Like, if New York was the end, that would have been fine. Not a "good" ending for Jason, but it would have avoided JGTH.

This movie is gross, and it should not have been made. None of the characters matter, like at all.

I feel sick having watched this.

Honestly, the rumor of worms up the bottom wasn't too far off from what this film delivered.

And yeah, in the last 10 seconds, Freddy Krueger claims Jason's mask, but they'd already made Jason so gross... Like I don't get why one would buy such a property, only to turn it into garbage.

Like, the youtube video of the FBI killing the golly out of Jason, that's the only good part of this movie. cartoon like even.

Don't watch it. It's gross. This movie should have permanently murdered the franchise.

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