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Jason X
« on: December 10, 2019, 08:33:41 AM »
I said I wouldn't watch it again, but I did. Paul Verhoeven plays a mad scientist.

Like, this movie both loves the source material, and gives no naffs.

Specifically, there is a science expedition re: Verhoeven and Lexa Doig. Doesn't go too great for ms. doig.

The window dressing is poor. Honestly, everything other than the last five minutes of this one are poor.

I mean, the weird 90's clothes are nice, from a male perspective, but it's dumb as bbq sauce.

We even get a marine impaled on a drillbit, and the response is "He's screwed"

I mean, I already watched '09, which is like, inheritor to this mess.

Ms. Doig is very attractive, robot lady is also attractive, but this movie is an insult to the premise.

that being said, every bless'ed sequel has been an insult to the premise. At least this one had fun with it.

the 09 film was poo compared to this.

Like, the robot in this one didn't have nipples, and was seriously not cool with that, she wanted to be all that she could be.

And yeah, it made resident evil girl (milla jovovich) and underworld girl (Kate Beckinsdale) look like morons, before those movies happened...

Like honestly, back when this came out, the movie felt empty, like they had no budget.

This rewatch made me feel more charitable, but the entire series burns you out.

Like you think "heh heh, hockey mask golly" but then, you have to watch the movies, and it's not worth it.