Author Topic: Lee Carvallo's Putting challenge.  (Read 115 times)

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Lee Carvallo's Putting challenge.
« on: June 15, 2020, 03:26:04 AM »
Anticipated since Christmas 1995, the legend has finally become reality. Lee Carvallo's putting challenge has been released.

This is a PC game that will run in your web browser, uses the unity engine, which you shouldn't really have to worry too much about, it's like ye flash player of old.

Enough of my yammering!

There are a few clunks here, some rough edges that should probably be sanded off. My least favorite part of the experience was having to punch in number codes for swing power.
788, 778, 787, I believe.

I tried sharing this on reddit but some dickhead downvoted me. :(
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