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Sorry, I know this is worth a review, but they did like  an MRI memory implant, followed with Hot Tamale pill follow up.

And like, they had some fun with it, Ben Kingsley sluts it up in his new Ryan Reynolds body, but then he shits things up by tracking down who his meatsuit was.

And honestly, they don't hide it very well. They imply the meatsuits are grown from scratch, which would have saved them so much time and effort, instead they lasered off Ryan Reynold's tattoos, and the magic MRI is only held in place by the already mentioned bottle of Hot Tamale mind grafts.

Seriously, the solution to the movie is Ryan Reynolds stops taking the ben kingsley mind graft pills, and it's portrayed as some magnanimous decision, where no, they're going to kill the golly out of him

Like this isn't a live die repeat, everything is an easy loop/solution.

There is some heart sick "but a kid" poo involved, but the movie honestly just isn't that good.

And yeah, Ben Kingsley decides to die, so the pain hillbilly Ryan Reynolds can live another life, when the whole reason he gave up his life was his kid.

Like, consequences just don't seem to matter, no one gives a poo. Bad movie!

Honestly, if anything, this reminded me of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about clones, but LESS bleak.  And that involved a pet getting run the golly over.

So yeah, the default bottom Ryan Reynolds wins, when honestly, he was never presented as a good option. Honestly, it probably would have been better if Ben Kingsley lived out his life.