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Boring burrito.
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:40:01 PM »
I'm sorry. I really miss making weird mashed together concoctions for dinner, but Covid has really tipped that past time on it's side.

Tonight mom was off comforting a friend, her sister died of Covid.

I can't say anything positive of that, other than my mom's got her heart screwed on right. Both Mom and her friend have been militant about not going out and about or mingling, Friend's sister was just as vigilant. Sadly, they had a roommate.

Sure as poo, the roommate were just a carrier, and feels just fine. Reminds me of drunk drivers who kill a family, and stumble out of the wreck unharmed.

We had Rice A Roni a few nights ago, and since the Family Pack was all they had, The Family Pack is what we got.

So leftovers X 12.

I got a boring roasted tomato salsa in a can, and dumped a bit of that into the rice-a-roni and pound of ground beef that was mixed in.

Toss that down a tortilla, sprinkle some shredded cheddar over that, and add two teaspoons of sour cream when it comes out of the nuke-u-wave.

One modification, this piece of poo micro lacks a 30 second setting, so I cooked it for 1:23 at 80%, if I cook burritos at full power in this microwave, it ruins the tortillas.

The Resulting burrito was unexciting, but well filling. Sometimes I'll make two burritos in a night, but with this one I didn't have to.

I suppose if you'd like to make it more boring, you could omit the salsa, and if you were more price conscious, you could omit the ground beef.

So an unexciting, but filling dinner. And a thankfulness I'm still here to have it.

I see people on Social Media talking about how it's time to reopen, or play sports, or put the kids back in school.

I want to violently shake them.

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Re: Boring burrito.
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2021, 07:38:41 AM »
I think it's great that you constantly experiment with cooking what's on hand.  I found myself learning how to work with unfamiliar ingredients when people gave me odd produce.  You work with what you have, and sometimes it works out in surprisingly good ways.

As for the reopening of schools?  IDK.  That sounds risky to me before everyone has been vaccinated.  It must be a challenging time to be a parent, and I'm sure you want your children to become socialized and to enjoy the benefits of being with other children (as well as getting them out of the house for sanity's sake), but children can be infectious vectors.  And there are some children who get rare terrible cases of the virus.  I'm praying for the vaccine here.  Apparently the Dutch have the good sense to realize that everyone can carry the disease, not just the Dutch, so they're trying to vaccinate as many people as possible, even ugly Americans.  Thank god.   I'm keeping fingers crossed on that.

In the meantime, we are wearing double masks and not going anywhere that isn't absolutely necessary.  Trying to shop less and buy more when we go.