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Rights issues.
« on: September 10, 2021, 07:18:35 PM »
There are some games that are NEVER coming to the digital sale services, and I managed to snag one on ebay.

Price was too good to be true, so I knew something was gonna be wrong, and I was right.

The two titles I'm talking about are Godfather and Scarface. Both titles are fairly easy to track down illicitly, but I wanted bookcase copies.

The copy of Godfather I picked up is in excellent shape, but shipped without a CD key. Which makes it a paperweight. Everything works fine, game actually runs pretty well on 10, but if I were playing things strictly legal, once again, paperweight.

They tend to be DRASTICALLY overpriced for the quality, but bless'ed Al Pachino mang.

He didn't even license his likeness for Godfather, but there's plenty of stuff that won't be re-licensed, for instance, Brando can't exactly extend the contract on HIS likeness.

Scarface, I'm starting to think, I won't be picking up ever. A sealed copy is $70, and all the used copies are from goodwill.

They're the bastards who ran the price up too, was going for $30 before they started dropping copies at $60.

And those bastards state outright that they don't have the key!