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I could have sworn...
« on: August 22, 2023, 10:02:24 AM »
When I was in New Jersey, I had Cheeseburger pizza, and I enjoyed it.
Here on the west coast I have been mostly unable to find it. Dominoes supposedly has one, but our only local Dominoes got shut down due to excessive rats. One wonders what that threshold is. Is there an ACCEPTABLE amount of rats in a restaurant? I hope not.

One different Pizza chain, a local one, has a Cheeseburger pizza. But instead of traditional sauce, they use BBQ sauce. That does not appeal in the slightest. I could have sworn cheeseburger pizza had regular sauce.

Another "I could have sworn" is the Denver Omelet. My aunt loved IHOP and it's many syrups. Me, not so much. I tended to get a Denver Omelet and save half for lunch.

But looking at the IHOP menu now, I see a Colorado Omelet instead. It has a lot more pork in it than I would like. I remember some crispy bacon in the Denver Omelet I used to get, but the Colorado has at least three different hams, and that is a ham too far for me.

How about you? Are there any foods you could have sworn went one way, but instead, they're different than you remember?