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Stargate: SG-1 - Season 4.
« on: August 29, 2019, 03:42:41 AM »
Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm overstepping? like I should cool the frak out on posts.

But I'm on Disk 3 of Season 4 of SG-1 now.

I really, really want 6 to hit Disk 1. We go to the frakkin' fuhrer bunker! I mean that's NUTS for scifi. Not only is the "Nordic" Nazi ideal established in "The other side" but they don't just lampshade it, they make SG-1 sit through an uncomfortable dinner in a decaying dining hall, where bombers shake the ash upon these shitbirds. And they're the ideal! SG-1 is supposed to find advanced alien tech, and bring it back to Earth! And these odious naffs have that advanced technology. The episode doesn't flat out hit you in the face with a sign, but Project Paperclip existed! We pardoned unit 731 in Japan and it netted us ZERO usable intel. These gits acted like monsters under the cover of medical science, and we gave them pardon in hopes that their research was worth something.

Spoiler alert people, it wasn't worth poo. And O'neill gets to deal with THAT level of pressure.

Paperclip may have put us on the moon, but holy CRAP were those gits evil. inglourious basterds may have been pap, but maybe those shitheads should have had swastikas carved in their foreheads. No one asked the surviving Jews if they wanted their ink.

IBM, btw. Holy poo IBM.

Anyway, I'm watching the episode "Scorched earth" and I'm mad at Lt. Gaeta again. Yeah, he's not Gaeta here, but I'm still mad.

alright, the hep C morons (they have yellow eyes) refuse to evacuate from a planet being terraformed by FIRE. The stargate has about 3 hours before it melts.

Frak you, Gaeta.

I do like how the P-90's clip to the SG web gear, that is some tacti-cool. Specifically, movie shorthand before this put MP5's as the "tech cool" gun.

I understand the P-90's on SG-1 were real, until the wars in Afganistan and Iraq cleared out the armory.

Specifically, the Air Force provided a lot of stuff on SG-1. While I love the show, I am uncomfortable that it was used as very real propaganda.

 oh man, the Hep C morons can't live on earth, and the aliens who terraform with FIRE don't give a hoot. That's a rock hard place situation. otherwise known as a typical SG-1 mission.

Oh dang, Hammond is boss as hell. "Make the Robot understand"

DANG, Daniel Jackson solves the day, again. I might even like the apple store Asperger's robot, he did accept alternative solutions.

Oh dang, Danny boy let the Asperger's robot live, instead of committing suicide. Talk about a happy ending to genocide!

Seriously, I know 6 is in the shallow end right now, but this is some serious meat. She might even enjoy the crappy Russian episode!

One of my favorite thing about the extras on these discs is that they tend to be hosted by General Hammond and Doc. Frasier. A major, BTW.

She's a stone fox. Dang.

Still on disc 3 tonight, watched the mining episode. It was enjoyable, and the baddies had Nintendo zappers repainted as their sidearms. Apparently they also shortened the barrel and removed the cable, which would destroy the zapper.

I'm sure millions of zappers were produced. I've got the grey one, not the orange one.

Now I'm watching an episode where a man threatens to expose the stargate program because he's being harassed through his microwave by the lizard people.

Shallow casting pool of Canada strikes again, it's a CYLON!

LOL, I got to see a spec-ops team hop out of a Ford Windstar.

One thing watching this on a wide screen TV is that the sets are super dirty, like they're using shut down restaurants and hotels. Gordon Ramsey would be pissed! I know scrubs used a shut down hospital and people tried to go there.

[Nightly update] Volume 4 is DARK. I don't mean Battle of Winterfell, call the lighting department dark, but things get heavy. Sometimes it felt like the writers hated either the team or the show.

I'll just drop a short little thought on each one, rather than prattle on extensively like I want to.

The Serpent's Venom:
Teal'c gets MESSED UP in this episode. Daniel and Sam have to deal with a game of SIMON from hell.

Chain Reaction:
This episode mainly has to do with blackmail and dirty dealing, but there is a decent level of action despite no one actually firing a shot (I think)
The hit squads that fail in this episode probably got liquidated though, Maybourne's backers don't seem the forgiving type.
Jack accidentally boosts his enemy in this episode, causing Senator Kinsey to make a run for the White House. That can't have repercussions, not at all. Good escape strategy though. I liked the dog. Aussies are great.

2010: an episode set in the far of future of... 2010! Yeah, I know. This episode was broadcast Jan 3rd, 2001, and features airport terrorism. As to the writers being mean spirited, people get killed by laser blasts. We've seen a lot of that on this show, but they got petty with it! These blasts look like bee stings, and they punch holes in your face. A nasty way to go. Essentially, we make peace with aliens who have solutions to all our woes. Cancer, illness, aging, all things of the past. Also a thing of the past? Having children. These chumps won the war without firing a shot.

Absolute Power: What would Daniel Jackson become if he had the accumulated knowledge of 100 SPACE EMPEROR Adolph Hitlers? We find out here. Much like 2010, we get a time skip, and now Danny is super evil. I liked the episode, but I'm not a fan of the glowy squid people, they're so damn smug. Plus, since the vision was delivered, we can't know that Danny would actually act that way. Dreams are weird like that.

The Light: SG-5 I think? Travels to a Goauld palace with addictive qualities. Leaving makes you suicidal. This episode is shockingly dark. There is a suicide before the opening credits.

On to Vol.5, I REALLY hope it's less depressing, Vol.4 was a DOWNER. The disc 4 itself is red, so the menu is of an ominous, red stargate. Also, they've cut back on the special features in favor of audio commentary. I've never been a huge fan of audio commentary, and the extras were fun!

Alright, Disc 5! or Vol. 5, as the case claims. This one felt light, I was worried the disc wasn't in there. The paper insert with chapter titles was missing, I'm absolutely gutted. This menu is tastefully colored gold, as if to allay our fears of the scary red stargate. Plus, Extra's are back! I mean the commentary is still there if you like that, but we get "Stargate SG-1: Timeline to the future - legacy of the gate"

I don't know what that is, but I'm gonna watch it now. The extras on these discs are GREAT shorthand if you wanted to get friends into watching the show BUT skip the episodes you don't like. I feel like they answer all the questions six has asked, and they add a bit of in-universe acting to it. You've been sent from the pentagon to review these files, General Hammond and Doc Frasier aren't too happy, but assist. One time Doc Frasier offers to let you dissect something!

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