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Chaos / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by 6pairsofshoes on Yesterday at 11:00:33 AM »
You need look no farther than the offspring of the current occupant of the White House to find Exhibit A to support that argument.  You won't find me taking issue with that.  I tend to fall on the "you can't take it with you" side of things.  Better to endow a charity than pass it on to people who will just build hideous architecture with gilded furniture in their penthouse and foster delusions of grandeur as to how they've worked so hard to obtain the money they actually inherited from dear old Dad.
Chaos / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by christ on Yesterday at 05:45:18 AM »
In the US, no inheritance tax is imposed on estates up to 11.18 million.  (The lifetime gift and inheritance exclusion amounts are combined in the US).  A million dollars will buy a modest 2 bedroom 1 bath house around here, so it sort of makes sense that the threshold is at that level.  But I basically agree with you, in principle.

Current value makes no difference(you can keep what you have), and with no inherited wealth it wouldn’t be very long before there were no billion-dollar mansions anyway. If one wants to fund the children, one can still do it when one is alive (subject to tax), but I fail to see the legitimacy of robber barons creating unearned wealth for generations of offspring.
TV / Movies / Re: What's your favourite TV program of the moment?
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 05:39:17 AM »
The Mandalorian. Shame Kayos isn't active, we got more onscreen mando'a culture in the first episode than we ever have on screen. (excluding animated and games)

I liked the slower pace. Part of what made me stop watching SOLO 30 minutes in was everything was pop bang go now. I'm not saying this episode didn't have pop bang, because it did, but it wasn't slapstick.

I mean, they had Han Solo go from being a ground marine, framed for a crime, pit fight with Chewie to robbing the dang train in I'd say, fifteen minutes? It was crap.

I won't say we follow the Mandalorian through all his every day minutia, but we do get to see the toilet on his ship. That's one of those small details a lot of scifi glosses over. He also mentions fuel costs.

I sort of feel like after the success of Iron Man and those losers who hang out with Iron Man, Lucasfilm wants to use Jon Favreau to wash star wars "clean". The Western tone fit extremely well. This is a man on a mission, he has clearly defined goals... and he encounters complications. It honestly makes me want to boot new vegas back up, but the only bounties there are lethal. One nice note on the Mandalorian is that he appears to prefer live capture.

Carving the time out to have him tame a mount was shocking, considering how much gets cut out of media these days, it was like a breather episode... in the middle of an episode!

I was a little pissed we got more JJ-Abrams style giant weird monsters stalking the lead, but both giant monsters made more sense than the ones that showed up in Star Trek '09. One of them even gets repurposed as the already mentioned mount.

Other than that, the whole thing was 38 minutes long, and I've heard the entire season consists of five episodes. I'm not saying they can't turn that assignment in, but it does feel, I dunno, bad?  I got pissed when BSG switched to "mid season finales" and it sucks here too.

Okay, the season is actually going to be eight episodes long, not five.

I watched the second episode, and it's as good as the first, if eight minutes shorter.

I have no clue how to discuss this episode without major spoilers, so I'll try to remain vague.

Jawas totally golly up the mandalorians ride, and he needs to ransom the parts back from the evil little gits. He kills a lot of them before that, and holy crap was it satisfying.

Jedi academy tried to make you feel bad for killing jawas, they had a "death bark" that made you feel like a real bottom. Not so much here.

Oddly enough, his quest was WEIRDLY similar to one in Fallout New Vegas: Go to the cave, collect the egg. And nevermind THE GIANT MONSTER.

Nick Nolte's character is endlessly patient and helpful, but also carries a tone of finality, when he's done talking, he cuts things off with a "I have spoken".

I kept expecting an ugly double cross from the character, and it somewhat soured the viewing, so I'll say this right now, Nick Nolte's character is decent throughout both episodes.
Chaos / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by 6pairsofshoes on Yesterday at 02:09:19 AM »
If my bird doesn't get out to play enough, he barks at me like a deranged little feathered dog.  It's really annoying but it gets my attention.  At least I don't have to take him outside to walk him like a dog.

Sometimes he barks just for the hell of it, and he nods like mad while he's doing it, as if for emphasis.  Maybe he's just the reincarnation of James Brown. 
Music / Re: Earworm of the day
« Last post by 6pairsofshoes on Yesterday at 02:05:18 AM »
One flash of light, but no smoking pistol...

TV / Movies / Re: Latest Movie You Watched
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 01:43:44 AM »
I do like that they finally blame Gerard Butler for all the poo. One can only be surrounded by that level of event so many times before people start to talk...

I wish they'd gone the way of the Saints Row series. First one is a serious crime drama, with some humorous notes. Second one thoroughly mocks the tone while supposedly following a similar path (Take over the city), this time as a batman villain. Third one, utter insanity mixed with an 80's teen film. Fourth one ALIEN INVASION AND YOU'RE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Hell, he's already been in the right locations for all of these possibilities, and he's saved the President enough times I could see other people not running against him in the general election. like, "I don't want to be president, Korean/arab/haliburton terrorists are just gonna try and kill me, and this guy won't be there to save me!"

And he just grins at them across the podium, knowing exactly what they're thinking. Butler's got a great unhinged smile.

Plus you know, Earth has fallen is an easy title there.
Chaos / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by 8ullfrog on Yesterday at 01:32:22 AM »
I like walking the dog in the dark. He seems to behave a little better.

If I don't get him out in the 8-10 PM window, I can expect a surprise on the floor. He likes a normal schedule.
TV / Movies / Re: Latest Movie You Watched
« Last post by goldshirt*9 on Yesterday at 01:20:33 AM »
The Public
Another Emilio Estevez film I really enjoyed, A spattering of "stars" about a touchy subject.

Angel has fallen
It is what it is what it is  ;D  great fun but no more !
Chaos / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by goldshirt*9 on Yesterday at 01:15:44 AM »
looking at the darkness and thinking
do i have to walk the dogs ?
Chaos / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by smokester on November 15, 2019, 12:38:42 PM »
My one policy, when I get elected, is going to be to introduce 100% inheritance tax on everyone with more than £1million. Dynasties shouldn't be allowed, as inherited money is to blame for most of the world's inequality, so stamp them out.

-- it would also make estates over £1million much easier to manage.

I agree with this.

Unless I owned a property worth over a mill', in which case you can bugger orf!
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